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  2. Hello there!

    In case you're wondering, we're not a travel agency. We're designers who liken the idea of our craft to that of the spontaneous act of hitchhiking.

    The Hitchhiker can best be described as a network. Every project is unique and often requires a different mix of specialists to create the best design solutions with the most engaging voice. Headed by the vision of the main team, we seek out specialists and assemble the most appropriate team to meet the demands of each project. In this way, not only do our clients get the most effective and inspiring mix of creative talents backed by experience, we are able to explore our craft with the refreashing views of varied perspectives.

    Here at The Hitchhiker, we believe that it’s important that we are constantly challenged with new content that requires stepping out of our comfort zones, as well as the introduction of new methodologies, demands and personalities acting as catalyst for fresh ideas.


    The studio wishes to embody the traits of a hitchhiker, open-minded, forward thinking, highly curious, courageously experimental but tempered with good judgment and more importantly, a willingness to trust people. So, if you think that we could be heading in a common destination, we’d love to work with you.

  3. We believe that good design is birthed from good content. Good content influences form, function, tone and more importantly, it demands that the design remain sincere and honest.

    Due to our openness in keeping a versatile and modular team, we are thus unafraid to design on multiple mediums. Whether on print, screen or for environmental designs, one at a time or all at once, we can ensure a seamless and engaging process.

    The Hitchhiker collaborates with other designers, web-developers, illustrators, photographers, curators, writers, editors, etc., where appropriate or needed. We work with a diverse range of clients from the public, cultural and commercial sectors because it is our belief that it’s important how our experience from each industry can inform the work of the other. That’s how we hope to fuse the cultural and the business in our craft.